Complete your first draft in 12 months with a writing mentor.

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Have a book in you but lack the discipline to complete it?

Want to improve your writing while you write?

A writing mentor could make all the difference.

Get an online writing mentor to complete first draft.



I will motivate, guide and support you through one year of writing your work of fiction, non-fiction or memoir. You will learn to write and improve your writing – as you write.

How it works:

  • We start by developing a synopsis of your project.
  • Each month you email me your new writing on an agreed date with any issues or questions.

You will receive:

  • Response by email with feedback/direction on the work received.
  • Expert guidance through specific and constructive feedback.
  • Ongoing encouragement and motivation.
  • Accountability to your writing goals.

What is required to sign up?

  • You need to be committed to producing words and progressing the work every month.
  • You need to have a strong idea of the project you want to work on. It can be a start up, a piece of work you have started but not finished or the revision of a first draft to a publishable final draft.

Stay motivated. Stay on on track. Learn as you write.

You will have all the help you need to complete your first draft from an experienced writing mentor and author.

I created this programme for you because I would have loved to have something like this to help guide and motivate me through those uncertain days (years!) of writing my first novel. Someone who had done it and could answer all the questions I had about technique, structure, characters and whether or not I was actually ‘doing it right’.

My honest, clear feedback will keep you on track and improve your writing.

I noticed a lot of aspiring authors completed my workshops and set off, armed with new knowledge and great determination, but after a couple of months it all petered out in the face of an indifferent world and no deadline.

I provide a deadline and chase you up if you miss it.

Here’s what people have to say about 12in12:

“Amanda’s pithy, humorous and insightful style make her 12 on 12 series an absolute must for anyone trying to give birth to their first book” AW

“Thanks for all your effort in helping me with the first draft of this. I think your program is great. I am not sure that I could have gotten 12 chapters down like this without your support and it feels really good to finish!” Hannah

“Aside from the obvious (getting feedback) the 12in12 programme has been most beneficial for my focus; it really helps to have monthly goals and I find I’m less distracted by day to day life. It also forces me to let someone read my work, which is something I would usually be too nervous to allow.” Angie

“Thanks to the motivation of a monthly deadline and the encouragement of Amanda’s feedback I have already written 20,000 words and remain on target for 12 chapters by year’s end.” Julian

“Left to my own devices I would flounder in my writing, but making the commitment to ’12 in 12′, has meant that I plant myself at my desk more often than not, knowing that I have the support of an astute teacher.” Danica

“I needed motivation and goals. Joining your 12 in 12 group is the best thing I could have done. Six months down the track I am finishing chapter 6.  Halfway there and still a challenge ahead which I am sure with your constant motivational emails, encouragement and advice I can meet.  Without such help I just know I would keep procrastinating.” Chris

“Writing my first book was something that I had always put off. Breaking it down to 12 months, writing a chapter a month, has worked really well for me because it’s only baby steps. I’ve found it to be very motivating and supportive. Not only do I receive feedback on my own work, it’s taught me the discipline of writing and I am now disciplined to writing something every day. Thank you Amanda!” Jo

“The 12 in 12 program works well for me as the monthly deadline keeps me on track.  It also helps me to legtimise the time I spend on writing.  As well, I find Amanda very supportive.” Dorothy

“Like many people I had the feeling that I had a novel in me.  Other creative writing courses have concentrated on the creative process but Amanda’s 12in12 has given me the confidence to start writing seriously and helped me to get chapters on paper.  The monthly deadline gives structure and external discipline and Amanda’s feedback is focused,encouraging and draws on the reality of her own experiences writing and getting published.” Ros

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Cost for 12 month programme:

$125.00 per month  (paid monthly)
$110.00 per month (paid annually)

Contact me for more detailed information.




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